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Reassess the When

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Last post I talked about how I reassess the why of creating content. I thought about including this in that post, but I wanted more time to think about this reassessment.

Timing is everything. I wish I understood a little more about why when I post something impacts the post. At least that is what they say in the YouTube “grow your audience” workshops they offer. Apparently posting at a specific time on a specific day of the week impacts your audience. I, however, am not really great at sticking to a strict time schedule when it comes to sharing my content. Doesn’t mean I don’t try; just means I’m not successful (hence the month between this post and the last time I posted content).

Part of my assessment in the “when to post” potion of the content creating assessment, is looking at what my schedule is like. When do I have chunks of “free time” (sometimes it feels like never)? If “free time” does not exist, can I make the time? And how quickly the topic of the content (which connects with the “Reassess the Why” post) needs to be shared?

For example, when I write reviews of books, movies, music, etc — I try to get those posts up as quickly as I can upon completion of the media. This is so I can get all of my thoughts down while it’s still fresh on my brain. If it’s something brand new (ie. recent film release) my thoughts might help someone else decide if they experience it sooner or later, which creates another motivation to create the content quicker. I have noticed, for me, if I wait longer than a week to write or vlog a review — it’s not going to get done. My solution to that is the “giant” vlog at the end of the month that covers all media I’ve consumed during the month. But even with that idea, I’m still not super consistent with posting that content in a timely manner.

I think it’s fairly self explanatory as to why the topic of your content impacts when you post it. If you like to blog/vlog about current events (not my preference, but many like to), then you have a limited time window to get your content posted before the content becomes irrelevant. Where when you’re reviewing movies, books, or music, you have a little bit of wiggle room because everyone discovers different stories at different times. That type of content is not quite as time sensitive as others. But if you’re posting about live productions, then you’re back into the time sensitive area because you’re talking about a specific performance on a specific date.

In regards to a “time of day”, I am a subscriber to the practice of posting when you’re done with it or when you think it’s ready. They sound like they’re the same thing, but I see them as different. With my written content, I like to sit on it a day before posting it. This is so I can take a long enough break from seeing the words written so when I read over it, I am more likely to catch mistakes before posting instead of after. With my video content, once I hit export, I’ll watch it through once before uploading. But I’m not waiting until the next day to post it. Once I think it’s done (which is generally when I export it), it gets uploaded — which falls under then “when it’s done” category, I think.

I hope that these posts about my reassessment process are helpful for you. It’s definitely been helpful to me as I’m reassessing things.

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