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31| the good one

Here we are again, looking back at the last year as well as looking to what the next year will bring. Some times it seems like this should be something that is done at the end of a calendar year, but a birthday makes sense too.

Thirty has brought its own challenges and changes. I certainly have not felt like I am thriving at all times like I had hoped, but I'm not sad or upset with how this last year has been. The goals I set for myself in last year's blog post were:

  • published novel

  • a healthy lifestyle [physically, emotionally, and relationally]

  • enjoying more than just one aspect of life

Where I am at as of October 13, 2023:

  • still working on the novel, but every word written and edited is one step closer to publication

  • I recently-ish wrote about an experience with a group that was health focused and I'd say that has been the biggest impact on this goal so far.

  • I am constatly working towards the ability to enjoy multiple aspects of life. I think there are some season where it is harder than others to find the balance to enjoy the multifacetedness of life, but we're still trying.

What are the hopes and dreams of 31?

With the goals I have, there is a level of consistency and minimal amount of visible change. But it has been a reoccurring topic this week of how I didn't really enjoy my teens, and I enjoyed my 20s more than my teens. What I am simply looking for is to enjoy the next year more than the one that just happened. I hope that my 30s will be better than my 20s. How do I identify that? If I can look back at what all happened over the last year and say it was good, then it was good.

This isn't some "managable expectations" kind of crap. Because how often to we just say that things are good regardless of what they actually are? Yes, the phrase "I'm good" or "it's good" is used often as a means of communicating that we don't really want to talk about it. But can you look back at the last year and say that you are happy with it? Truly? That's what I am aiming for.

So here is to another year with good memories with good people and good health.

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