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29 | Last of a Decade

No surprises here - today marks the start of the final year of my twenties.

How was 28?

Twenty-eight held: the start of the League of Lit podcast with Ciara, the start of a new role with Chick-fil-A, many photography adventures, and lots of self evaluation. Lots of self evaluation. Don't know that there will ever be a year without that.

But with every passing year, I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin. Will there always be things that may be uneasy or potential confidence blockers? Yes. Will it stop me? Possibly. Honestly, the length of time it stops me will vary on the blocker.

What am I thinking Twenty-nine will look like?

Goal: Thriving

I am working towards ensuring that I will be Thirty and Thriving. A bit like that phrase from 13 Going on 30: "Thirty, Flirty, & Thriving", but I'm focusing on what it means to be thirty and thriving. Does that mean I will ignore all of the fun and adventures twenty-nine has to offer? No. But I intend to set myself up for success. It's always been a goal when I start a new year of life to ensure I enjoy it and set myself up for the next one to be even better.

Goal: Completion of my Book

My book will be complete. It may be the last thing I do, but it will be complete. Maybe I'll go get it published. Still have that hope and goal, but I've got to start with it being in a place for it to be published. It's definitely not there yet. But I love this story too much to not get it there.

I don't understand why this is the "forever" age.

I know it's only day one, but I'm still looking forward to what twenty-nine has to offer. Maybe I'll discover why everyone wants to be twenty-nine forever. For me, though, my twenties have been far better than my teens. I started enjoying my birthday more once I hit my twenties. Nothing will stop that now, because this is the start of preparation and celebration of bringing in a new decade. Just like every year offers something new, so does every decade. My twenties have mostly been about learning how to accept me. Something I don't think I will ever stop learning how to do as each new layer is revealed. Bring it on. I can't wait to see what lessons are before me.

Until next time...

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