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27 | A New Start

Inspired by a friend & fellow photographer's own birthday post - here is a post to kick off tweny-seven.


First let's take a quick look at twenty-six!

Twenty-six brought a vast variety of opportunites, challenges, and memories.

I got to experience my first full-time job and grew quite a bit from that experience. Made new friends. Some of which are now close ones and I am grateful for the influence they have in my life. Got to capture some amazing moments for my younger brother as well as some wonderful clients and friends. This last year also brought a lot of growth. Sometimes with a side of pain (sometimes it felt like I was drowing in it), but no one ever said growing is easy. Could have chosen to not grow and remained stuck, but I wouldn't be where I am without the growth.


Here I am, day one of twenty-seven.

Starting a brand new chapter.


Lots of new stands before me.

Plenty of fear has seeped its way in and I've questioned if I'm "making the right choice" to make sure I'm "doing the right thing". Not quite sure where my fear of "doing it wrong" came from. As I have completed a number of personality and personal wiring assesments over the years, I have an idea, but that doesn't mean that is really where it comes from for me.

The point is, I don't like "making the wrong choice" in fear of looking incompetent. But there isn't a way to know what is the "wrong choice" in some situations. It's like taking one of those exams where you have multiple choices that are the "right answer" and you have to pick the one that is the "most right". This is why I prefered essay tests to multiple choice tests when I was in school. In an essay test I could defend why I thought the answer I chose was the "right choice". And sometimes life is like an essay test. More often than not, I feel like I'm looking at a multiple choice test.


With new comes change, and...change and I have a funny relationship.

There are seasons when I am excited by change, because it is much needed and I can tell that I need that change. Other times I drag my feet a little...okay, maybe a lot. And that is generally connected to my fear of something that is connected to whatever the change is - most of the time it's my fear of looking incompetent.

This next season looks like a mixed bag of change. There are things that I am excited for and others that I'd prefer to ignore if I could. And becuase of the things I'd like to ignore, I'm trying to not get in a spiral of stuck. Part of how I'm trying to prevent that is by leaning into God more, sounds a little cliche, but it's what I'm doing.


Photo Credit: Mackenzie Ortiz

In all honesty, I am really excited about what twenty-seven holds.

I'm sure there are things I am not expecting - as much as I may try to expect everything (something I should probably stop trying to do) - that will probably be pretty amazing things. There will probably be somethings that will be challenging; others that will cause heart ahce and growth. But I am determined to have fun and enjoy this life that I am blessed to live.

Here's to twenty-seven!

I'm excited to see what it has to offer and who will be joining me of all of its adventures!


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