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TV Show | Supergirl Season 2

When Supergirl premiered on CBS last year, I did a reaction/review of the first episode. Now Supergirl has transitioned over to the CW. Season 2 for the show, but season 1 for the CW. Let's see how the new home is taking care of my name twin. The following are actual notes from watching Episode 1 of Season 2. That being said there is a chance of some mild SPOILERS.

I'm hoping that the recaps that go all the way back to before she was on Earth won't continue.

Wait...Kara isn't Cat Grant's assistant? When did that happen?

Cat Grant is still as snippy as ever, but it pushes Kara in a way that she grows.

Jimmy and Kara... bless them for trying, but the city must be saved thus putting their desire to have a love life on hold.

So Superman is going to actually be a character in this season or just a pop-in?

Their symbols are slightly different....

What kind of history are they setting up between John and Kal?

So much swooning happening because of Kal El. Winn is fanboying. Alex is clearly crushing. And Cat Grant, really?

Another Luther? Didn't feel like bringing Lex into it all?

KATIE MCGRATH?!?!?!?!?!?! Of course she is the Luther. She is excellent at being devilishly good. That force of evil you don't quite expect to be evil.

Super telepathy - good joke, Kal.

Yes, Kal! Be that great supportive cousin!

Who is the guy behind all of this? If the name was mentioned, I definitely missed it.

No Kara and James? Not entirely sure about that. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it seems to have the appearance that the writers got bored with it once it really had a chance.

Cat did a great job with motivating Kara. I feel like a lot of people probably need that kind of motivation. So if they hadn't heard it before, they just heard it and hopefully it inspired them.because

Lena Luther giving Kara the inspiration to be a reporter. It's possible that Kara didn't see it before is because she wasn't trying to be exactly like her cousin?

Yes! Get to know yourself before getting into a romantic relationship with someone else.

Okay, that ending. What kind of crazy are they creating here?

I think this season shows promise. Definitely improving from what I saw last season. I'm excited!

Until next time...


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