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Everything's Changing... Wait... No It Isn't.

So it looks like summer is coming to a close. I guess I should be more specific - summer activities are coming to a close. The weather is still ridiculously hot. I cannot wait until the beautiful Fall weather gets here. Anyway...

The things that make up summer life appear to be winding down. My Facebook news feed is a mix of "Back to School" and "End of Camp" and "Camp Week 9" posts. Typically, I have a mix of those posts that I, myself, am posting, but this year is different. The difference is this little thing called "I graduated". I think the fact that I graduated back in December is settling in more now than it ever has before. This is the first time that I am not prepping for change - whether that is going back to school or heading back to campus for RA Training or Band Camp. No change is being made at any point in August. At least, no change that I am aware of right now. As of right now, I will continue my work routine that I have settled into since January.

It just feels weird. I can walk by school supplies and not think about needing any of it. I mean, I have definitely taken advantage of the sales on the supplies I regularly use as a writer, but there isn't a list of things that I need for a set of classes that I'm taking. My sleep schedule is now about to undertake a serious change. There is no going from the camp sleep cycle to the school sleep cycle - just my relatively boring, programmed to the point where even when I want to sleep in I can't, work sleep cycle.

Change is typically a very scary thing. And there are some changes that I still find crazy scary. That doesn't mean I don't want it. I like having some sort of variety in my life that is not just what it is I eat for breakfast. I like being able to jump in to a different role, but having one thing that is consistent. That was something that I loved about being a Media Specialist with WinShape Camps for Communities. Yes, I had my dailies that were due, but I had the opportunity to serve my team in ways that helped them be as successful as possible. It was so much fun!

Now... I'm not saying that having routine is a bad thing. I do like having a sense of it. But just like when I was a student (which wasn't all that long ago), after a while it gets boring and a break needs to happen. Doesn't mean that the routine needs to go away. Just means that my brain needs a break for a while.

Photo Credit: Joanna Thompson

I am excited to see what changes will come my way this Fall. Because change is inevitable. I may not have any ideas as to what it looks like at this very moment, but I know it is coming. It's just not arriving in the timely manner I have grown comfortable with. No one ever said that change was comfortable.

Change clearly has a mind of its own, and will follow the wizard fashion of arriving precisely when it means to. And sometimes that doesn't work for us, because we have our own ideals of what our lives are supposed to look like. So we slam the door in change's face (seriously - rude). I am not known for always graciously welcoming change into my own life, but I'm working on it. The Man Upstairs knows what's up and He allows change to be a wizard in its own right.

Well this has been slightly all over the place, but centered around one topic. I guess that'll do.

Until next time...


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