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Web Series| i can't even

i can't even is such a charming web series that captures the essence of fandom life. It is essentially Tumblr in video form. The story surrounds two friends, Em and Lex, who share an apartment, who are both super fans of just about everything.

It does not appear to have a specific order as to which episodes you watch, but they cover Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and the general struggles of getting invested in a book series.

Each episode is beautifully shot, cleverly lit, and match the fandom they are diving into. The characters are relatable and do a wonderful job of showing two different types of fans instead of focusing on one stereotype. Em is your more introverted fan, who struggles with social anxiety, and Lex is your more extroverted fan, who pushed Em out of her comfort zone. The characters balance each other quite well and show what it is like to be friends with a super fan - even if you, yourself are a super fan.

The series is definitely tailored to those who are in the fandom world. Not saying that those who are not in that world would not enjoy it, but there is a higher chance that someone who partakes in the fandom world will fall in love with the series.

I recommend it, even if you only check out the episode that relates to the fandom you are a part of. It is worth the three-ish minute episode.

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