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Now What?

So the big day has come and gone. Ten days ago I walked across a stage and received a red tube that was meant to represent the diploma that I have spent the last nine semesters on (four years). Now I am faced with that question that seems to be the only question that anyone ever asks a recent graduate (and everyone knows that everyone asks it) - what are you going to do or what do you want to do with you life. Essentially all forms of this question can be summed up in two words - now what?

Those are the same two words I asked myself once I received that red tube. This event is hyped up to this huge important milestone - which it is important, don't misunderstand me - but once you get your diploma symbol what do you do next? Now you have to decide what the answer to the question we are asked as kids is going to be - what do you want to be when you grow up. Maybe we will never find the answer that everyone else wants to hear. Does that matter if those who ask it never hear the answer they think they want to hear? In all honesty, no. What matters is are you happy with the choice you have made, because in the end you are the one who has to live with your decision. So make it for yourself.

Now I need to answer the "now what" for myself. I know what I've always wanted to do - write novels. The thing is... that takes time and I'm not saying that I'll give up, I just have to figure out what my other thing in life that I want to do is. Gotta make a living somehow while I work in the fictional realm. That is a downside to being a part of reality.

So now what? Now I work with what I have. It will probably look like three different free-lance type of jobs strung together, but that is okay. Variety is good. It makes life a bit more exciting than having to do the same thing every single day. I like the idea of something different every day. It's like writing a novel. You never know what the characters will get themselves into. Each day is a brand new adventure that is just waiting to be taken. So take the adventure and see where it leads. Everything will work out...right?

Until next time...


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