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Parts of a Whole

There are more than one side to a story – always. I think they are worth finding out. In order to understand things completely you must take a look at things from all sides. While you may like the way one story is told, that does not mean it is the complete one or that it is the one that is right. Everyone tells stories that are tailored to make them appear a certain way. Why don’t we take the time to try and see things from another’s eyes? Why are we so determined to tell our stories the way we see them? Why not make sure we have all of the facts first?

Social media is full of partial stories. It is rare to see a complete story – a whole story. They are partial stories because you are only seeing the part that whomever is posting the story wishes you to see. It’s that whole “what happens after the happily ever after” thing. Everyone is just obsessed with the “happily ever after” that no one really bothers to ask more questions. It is also possible that people just don’t care to know more than what they are told through social media.

Stories are something that I think we all are obsessed with. That does not mean that we all enjoy reading novels or watching movies or something like that, but we all have our ways of hearing stories and we enjoy them. What would happen if we take the time to listen to the whole instead of just the part? What if the reason why so many only share parts is because no one has ever bothered to listen to a whole?

I prefer to wait until I have the whole story before I say much, but sometimes it is difficult to piece the parts without discussing them. Sometimes you need to talk about the parts with others to get the whole. The real problem is when people only spread the parts as if they were wholes. It’s like claiming you are a family, as in you by yourself, a part, are a family. A family is a group of people – a whole.

Just some thoughts that have been on my mind. Thought I’d share and see what others thought about it.

Until next time… Kara

“The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” ― Henry Green

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