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An Incomplete Post for an Incomplete Thought

The following is a post I started but I got distracted and never finished it. I feel like it should be posted anyway and maybe I’ll get around to finding that train of thought and finish the post. Until then… Enjoy!

Until next time… Kara

Sometimes I wonder if I am completing life correctly. I see how others are living their lives and I think “am I doing life wrong?”. But why do I even ask myself this question? I am well aware that I am going about life in my own way and that is not going to look the same as someone else’s way of going through life. When I was creating my hall decorations this year, I came across this quote by Mike Falzone that really stuck with me and serves are my reminder that I am completing life correctly.

“I know it’s hard to not compare yourself to others because we’re surrounded by others. But check this out: definitely don’t. Other people’s lives work (or don’t) for them. Other people have other sets of parents and life experiences and memories etc. And you come with your own set of everything. So what’s the use of comparing yourself to another set of completely different everything? People tell you from the time that you’re born that you can be anything that you wanna be. They don’t say, “You can be everything that that person is, but better!”” — Mike Falzone

One of the things that causes me to question how I am living my life is when I see so many notifications and posts in my various social media news feeds about people getting married or engaged or simply just in a relationship.

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