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The Struggle to Write

Have you ever had something that you really wanted to write about but had the most difficult time getting the words to travel from your brain through the pen to the paper? I find that I have this problem so often. It’s honestly the reason why I am not convinced that I’ll actually make it in the writing world. I’ll start essentially the exact same piece of writing on three separate platforms. There will be different words on each platform, but the message will be the exact same. The thing is though, I won’t finish whatever it is – I just start it. Whatever it is that I am trying to write about never fully escapes my brain. Part of it escapes because that is the part that ends up on the page, but that still leaves a portion (no telling what the size of the portion is) trapped inside. In order for something to be considered complete, in my mind, means that all that I have to say about whatever it is that I am trying to say is completely on the page and no longer taking up space in my brain.

Until next time… Kara

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