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Finding the "Right" Music

I posted this on my tumblr the other day: “Trying to figure out a character’s taste in music, so you can write their story more easily, is like trying to decide what you want to eat when you’re not in the mood of anything that you have.“

When I am working on something, I like to have some kind of music playing. I prefer it do have some kind of relevance to what it is that I am writing. When it is fictional, I try to find the protagonist’s taste in music. I’m sure many people would think that protagonists of novels are some sort of reflection of the writers who have created them. That is totally possible, but that is not necessarily true for everyone. So picking music to write to is not always the writer’s personal preference.

I’ve been trying to figure out one of my character’s musical tastes and I am not having the best of luck with it. Hence the post I opened this post with. It’s frustrating to me, but it’s also important to me because with the right music I can write effortlessly. The right story will end up on the pages instead of the forced story I try to put with the wrong music in the background.

Those are just a few thoughts on music and writing. Any thoughts?

Until next time… Kara

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