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Coming to Life

It really is a beautiful thing watching your story come to life. I wrote a ten minute short film on depression for a class project. My group started filming on Friday (4/4/2014). We have spent about 16 hours on this and we aren’t quite done yet. We just have a little bit more to do before all of the footage is considered complete and ready for editing.

It has been really cool being on set and watching this come to life. The actors that the director chose fit perfectly! They have given life to my characters better than I could have ever expected. I really cannot wait to see the completed project. The memories that have been made on set will be ones that I shall cherish forever.

I was talking with one of the actors the other day and he thanked me for allowing him to be a part of this piece. The story is a personal one and everyone involved with the project is aware of that. I had a conversation with the director and he had asked if this project was helping me with my battle with depression. The answer to that is a huge ‘yes’. I have found that if I talk about it, then I am dealing with it better. This entire process has been therapeutic and it has been an enjoyable journey.

There have been moments while filming that I am taken back to where I specifically pulled that part of the story from. Sometimes I am worried that it will tip me back into that spiral, then there are other moments when my heart is warmed because I am reminded of why I wrote chose to write this piece and share it with the team that I am working with. The parts of the film where the dialogue is more prevalent are the parts that warm my heart the most. My heart was slightly melting with happiness when we were filming those parts.

I have found this process to be ridiculously encouraging. Through all of this I have been reminded of why it is that I love creating and sharing stories. The entire team has had conversations about what our big dreams are and we have all been encouraging each other to continue with that. It’s just awesome!

Until next post… Kara

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