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Rejection letters are never fun to reveive. I, personally, think it is worse to receive them secondhand. Due to not living at home for college, there are things that get sent to my parents’ place that I kind of need to know while I am here at school. I have received a total of five rejection letters prior to the one that I received today. Two of them were school related and two were publication related and one was job related. The one that I received today dealt with a scholarship. It was a writing scholarship and I put in so much effort into this scholarship application. I even went above and beyond what was required in hopes that it would help my application stand out. I guess it wasn’t enough. That is okay. My life isn’t over because of this one rejection letter. It just seemed to hurt a little worse because I had to hear it secondhand instead of reading it myself.

Is it weird that I prefer to read my own rejection? I guess I just prefer to be a bit more selective as to who I share my failure with. Maybe I just prefer to know that I failed before I share it. I’m the same way with my success. I definitely prefer to know that I have succeeded before someone else, that is not the person deciding my success or failure, tells me about it. I like having a chance for the news to sink in my own mind before I allow it to sink into someone else’s.

I am well aware that I will plenty of rejection letters before I receive my first publication deal. Who knows, maybe I will never receive a publication deal and this idea of becoming a published author is just a figment of my imagination. It’s not going to stop me from trying.

Until next time… Kara

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