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30 | Thoughts on Thriving

As the pattern that has been established with these, let's briefly look back at twenty-nine. BUT! Let's look back through video rather than me try to remember everything:

Now let's take a look at the hopes and dreams of thirty.

I feel like there is this overarching sense of "doom" that exists around thirty. Unless you know that you're going to die at the age of sixty, it's not like your life is half over. The majority of what I've seen on the internet talks about the doom or how scary thirty is. For heavens sake, there are two songs (written by men) about dreadding turning thirty.

"30/90" written by Jonathan Larson (best known for RENT)

Line that resonated the most: " still feel like you're twenty-two"

There are aspects of my early 20s that legit feel like yesterday, and I'm not sure I am actually 30, despite the 30s looming over me for the last few years because it seems almost impossible to actually enjoy your late 20s without worrying about your 30s.

"30" by Bo Burnham

Honestly, I haven't listened this one but maybe once or twice. Where I've listened to 30/90 many, many times.

If I were to choose one song to represent the feelings of the years leading up to thirty? 30/90, hands down. But in all seriousness, I am looking forward to my thirties. It's like when I entered my twenties.

I'm ready.

Ready for the lessons that will be a part of this new decade. With those lessons will come challenges, strengthened relationships, and new persepctives. This is the part of aging that I think gets overlooked. And maybe I only find it fun because at my core I enjoy knowing more. It's the thirst for knowledge that pushes me forward.

One of my goals for twenty-nine was to set myself up to thrive in my thirties. And I spent a great deal of time thinking about what that might look like. What I am hoping for is:

  • published novel [we're the closest we've been in the entire quest for this goal]

  • a healthy lifestyle [physically, emotionally, and relationally - it'll all take work, but it'll be worth it]

  • enjoying more than just one aspect of life [I spent a good chunk of my twenties focusing on one aspect so much to the point where I hit the point of just surviving]

It's not along list, and some of those items branch off into other things. But at the end of the day, I believe what equals "thriving" is enjoying a healthy life. What it looks like for me may look different than what it looks like for another person. Doesn't make it any less worth it or important. There will still be moments that are shared with the internet, and other hobbies that will always be my favorites. But I know that there will be change, and as much as change can be uncomfortable and sometimes unwelcomed, it's needed for growth. And what word has growth in its definition? Thrive.

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