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Novel | The Door Keeper - Steen Jones

Today is the release date for Steen Jones' debut novel, The Door Keeper!!!

This is a New Adult, Fantasy novel that revolves around the life of Eden Saunders. She is a single mother, a gallery co-owner, and apparently a Door Keeper. Throughout the novel we get to learn along with Eden what it means to be a Door Keeper and follow her own journey of self-discovery.

Typically the theme of self-discovery is something that you see in a Young Adult novel, but honestly we are always learning new things about ourselves at different times in our lives. And the way that Steen has crafted this story makes it possible - even though I am not the same age or in the same stage of life as Eden - for me to still be able to connect and enjoy the story written.

Steen does a wonderful job of painting the picture she wants you to see to help you experience the situation with Eden. You can get inside of her head and feel the things that she feels. There is tension, confusion, love of all kinds - romantic, familial, and friendship - adventure, danger, and peace. That is quite a bit to tackle in a little over two hundred pages, but it is done so well.

This is the first novel in a series. I don't know exactly how long the series will be, but I know that Steen is already dreaming up the next one!

I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys the Fantasy genre. Even if you are not typically a fantasy type of person, you still may enjoy this because there is a certain level of grounding in the real world that many Fantasy novels do not possess.

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