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Web Series | Cate Morland Chronicles - Part 7

WARNING: Spoilers below


I still don't believe that this episode is the end. But something that this episode gives us is closure with Isabella. It also humanizes her in a way that you don't see in other adaptations.


Okay. I'll accept this as the end. It's where the novel ends anyway.

So John's stupid thing was he said that he was dating the future editor in chief because he believed that Cate was just going to be given it on the account that the Allens like her... He is clearly not a fact checking journalist. But this does connect to his social climbing attitude. And this fits in with the world that the writers set up for the series as well as a modern society in general. It honestly makes more sense than the "inherit all of the Allen's money" that is in the novel. But society has changed over the years and that's probably why I find this stupid thing to make more sense than the novel's stupid thing. John Thorpe is still a social climbing idiot.

I like how Henry recaps the whole arc of the series in this episode.

Are they hinting at trying to continue the story? That would be an interesting task to take on. Continue a story that the author originally did not. I wonder what they would do. I'm sure plenty of people want to know how things go for Henry and Cate, because in this series they just start dating, where in the novel the couple gets married - as is tradition of Austen's society.

OVERALL I enjoyed the series. Sure there were choices I didn't necessarily understand with the writing and some technical things I thought could have been fixed prior to releasing the episode. But looking at it from a story perspective, it was well told and executed. So hats off to you Apple Juice Productions for a classy series!

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