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Web Series | Cate Morland Chronicles - Part 6


And here is where things get messy with Cate and Henry. Cate's curiosity causes tension. Henry doesn't seem super upset, but you can see that he is hurt. And we get to see that Cate feels awful about it. Hearing the truth about Henry's mom sounds similar to the source material. But the writers seemed to find a way to make the General seem more human, I think. Not quite as cold as I remember him to be in the source material. I like that. It's always good to remember that everyone is human - even fictional characters.


If all is forgiven between her and Henry... I wonder what she'll think... I'll hold that thought until the time is right. Maybe the writers won't...

Getting to hear why Henry is so great according to Cate is adorable.

And the break-up of Isabella and James has happened. Cate's frustration with the matter is entirely understandable. However it isn't clear, at least to me, where she truly stands on whether or not she is going to continue to be nice to Isabella. It definitely won't be an easy decision regardless of which one she chooses.

The comments Eleanor made about Frederick... I don't really see how mingling with him would have helped Isabella climb socially. I mean, I do but not at the same time. It definitely doesn't line up with Cate saying that Isabella wanted to be a full time writer. I don't know.


Tech Note: There seems to be some other voices that are on the audio track. And maybe I'm really hearing that because I'm watching the episode with headphones, but... it doesn't sound like echoes from the actors. It definitely sounds like others on set having a conversation and thinking that they're far enough away from the mic for voices to be picked up.

Is the interview really going to happen? I wonder if this is where John will pop back up and ruin it all. May not be something we find out in this episode, but I'm still waiting for the John Bomb.


There seems to be a color correction issue in this episode...

Isabella asking for Cate to talk to James in a video message...cute. Annoying, but cute.


Cate is admitting feelings! Go Cate! And there is the inevitable kicking out of Northanger. I want to know what John did to turn the General.

I really do like the relationship that Eleanor and Cate have in this series. It is reflective of the great relationship the characters have in the source material.


Leslie checking in on Cate was nice and served the purpose needed.

I wonder if this is truly the end. Are we really not going to find out what Henry thinks of it all? Are they seriously going to keep it a secret that John is the mastermind behind it all because Cate refused him? I know the writers can do whatever they want with the story, but I don't believe that this is the end.

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