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Web Series | Cate Morland Chronicles - Part 5


Why does Isabella seem to be avoiding the topic of Frederick Tilney? And she seems quite unimpressed with him. I'm surprised at that. So much of this conversation looks like she is actually trying to down play everything. If I remember correctly, she was excited about this possibility of meeting him. I'd even go as far to say that she was swooning over him. But that doesn't seem to be the case here. Could it be that she is doing this to keep Cate in the dark about what actually happened? Ah, the infamous "men don't have hearts" line. Cate's discomfort at how Frederick responded is kinda amusing. I mean the line is kinda flattering in its own way, but I see where Cate is coming from.

And now we get into the event that will kick off the final, huge piece of conflict. Cate's "relationship" with John. That was nice way that the writers had Cate flip-flop her way through whether the rejection should come from her or Isabella. I do think that if John was a regular viewer of Cate's videos, then he would know that Cate was not interested. That is unless the rose colored glasses were rose colored goggles that were on too tight.

More than one way to become sisters, huh? There is the interest that Isabella has in Frederick. Something definitely happened and there is the proof. But is Cate blind to what Isabella is doing? She didn't seem to notice what Isabella was doing right there at the end. I'm fairly certain that she was texting with Frederick.


It's adorable that Cate is concerned about Isabella and Frederick, but... none of this conversation between her and Henry seems to honestly fit. I don't know why, it just doesn't seem normal to me.

It is definitely apparent that Henry is aware of how intentional Isabella is with her actions and that Cate is not. This is a moment that will help grow the character.

Why do I get the feeling that the...nevermind. I'll just wait and see how things will be ruined. I don't want them to be though. Things are getting so precious between Henry and Cate.


Audio note: Henry's voice does not sound like he is actually holding the camera. It sounds pre-recorded and laid in during post.

Honestly, Eleanor sounds drunk, not tired. It's amusing regardless, but she definitely sounds drunk.

I like that they brought back "Bennie and the Jets".

I like the backstory that they created as to how Henry has a separate house.

The teasing is great. Yes, there are ghosts at Northanger. What would it be with out ghosts?


And so the suspicions begin on what happens in the house. The strictness of the General is brought up. I'm confused as to how the General go the impression that Cate stays in grand houses all the time. Because of what I know, I'm gonna say it came from John, but WHY would he give that impression? HOW does that fit in this modern world? And WHY does that matter today? I'm just not following here.

Forbidden rooms? What rooms could possibly be forbidden in today's world? I completely get why Cate's imagination took her where it did.


Novelty gift certificate...slightly better than laundry lists, but it still tells us just as much about the Tilney family as the lists.

Aww, Henry brought Cate breakfast.

There honestly isn't much else to say about this episode. It sets up for what is to come while Cate is at Northanger. So here we go, down dark halls filled with ghosts.


Henry is away and Cate is interested in the forbidden room. Still don't understand why that would be a thing that exists in today's society, but who knows. Maybe some people do have those that they don't want anyone in and don't go in themselves.

Why is the obvious relationship still something Cate dances around? Why deny it?

Henry's mother was a private woman. I think that's fitting.

I think Cate is reading too much into it all. It makes sense to an extent and this is what will keep the plot moving.

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