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Web Series | Cate Morland Chronicles - Part 3


Opening Tech Notes: Cate is in focus limbo here. The features of her face are not in focus, which is a little weird because the background is also not in focus, but random things on the screen are in focus. It looks weird.

So John just now knows that Cate makes videos? Or something had to have happened to make him care more now than before that she makes them? Was he really that oblivious to the small conversation that James and Cate had in episode twelve? It makes sense why he would be so eager to be a part of one of her videos, but it's annoying that it looks like he just now knows about it. And is he really that unaware of the discomfort he causes? It's not too out of character for him to be that way, but at the same time it is... Does that make sense? I mean for heaven's sake it is practically plastered on Cate's face that she is uncomfortable. Fashion week? Really? That is what this John thinks Cate is into? giant NO.

And there is the lack of courtesy that we all know that John Thorpe possesses. Cate is trying to be polite and not make John feel as uncomfortable as he has made her feel, but that results in the awkward that creates the tension that I knew was coming but I didn't want to see between Henry and Cate. Yay conflict that helps the story along.

The playfulness of Henry and Cate's relationship is fantastic! There are moments that could be better, but it's fine the way that it is right now.

I do love that Cate sang "Bennie and the Jets" at the Karaoke bar. Henry's attempt at it...not so much.

Closing Tech Notes: There was a slight problem in the Video Chat cutting. At one point you see the same people on the "big screen" that you see in the "small screen". AND there was a very clear recycling of a clip and it stuck out badly.


No...this is that episode. This whole situation makes me cringe regardless of the actual details. I know it needs to be there to grow Cate and create tension so there is an actual plot line. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

There is an ugly frame shifting jump cut. It gives away what is coming - while I already know because I have read the source material more times than most humans have, I still don't want to have visual clues that the incident is going to happen at this point in time.

Tacos...? Really? Yes, I understand that many people are obsessed with tacos, but is that really the most enticing thing that you could come up with to tear Cate away from an afternoon with Henry and Eleanor? John's point about being third wheel? Please. I'd let him suffer, on account of plans already made. No, the arguments are not compelling. No taco is worth breaking plans over - ever.

Okay...I'm not cringing like I mentioned at the beginning of this. I'm just not impressed. It didn't seem like Cate was really interested in the tacos at all. Where in the novel she really is interested in Blaise Castle. Something was just lacking in making this believable. I'm not sure what, but I didn't buy any of it. Maybe it's because this is the part where Isabella and John really manipulate Catherine and it shows how naïve she is, which creates the opportunity for true character growth; but there wasn't really any manipulation here. It was just describing of tacos. And maybe it's just my perspective on the matter. Maybe this version of Catherine Morland is that easily persuaded by food and it's just not apparent to me. I still have hope that the rest of the series will be good because I do love this novel, but right now...nope...not a lot of hope here.


The opening statements show, what I think to be, John's true colors. It looks to me like Cate has decided to no longer give John the benefit of the doubt (YAY! GO CATE!) and just state what his actions are - annoying.

The video message. Oh, the video message. It is distracting that Henry is singing "Bennie and the Jets" in the background, because I feel like we're missing important information from Eleanor. But maybe we're not.

I am really glad that there is a moment where we get to see Cate come to terms with how she feels and admitting that she is frustrated with the whole situation. BUT I don't think John is one hundred percent to blame in that situation. It wasn't like he was the only one who was trying to get her to neglect her responsibilities. But I also really like that Cate takes responsibility for herself in the situation. I feel like that is sometimes an overlooked aspect of Catherine's character.


Freaking out about the possibility of being fired. I don't really see how the mistake that was made is grounds for someone to complain for someone else to be fired. Nope...not believable in my opinion.

Why did it have to be John who brought them in? Seriously the worse person possible. And his comment about women? Just adds to the list of reasons to hate him. And the look on his face doesn't really give the appearance as to he cares at all. So why is he still sitting in the room? Why not let Eleanor, Henry, and Cate go through this on their own? Also, if you took the time to mention that "The General" was in the building, why not have him come in the room too?

Blocking note: There isn't really an excuse to Cate to not be facing Eleanor and Henry during her apology. It honestly looks rude that she isn't facing them. I wouldn't think audio would be a reason for it. And seeing Cate's face in all of this isn't crucial either. So why this choice?

Henry saves the day - sorta. Getting John out of the room is definitely the best idea.

Coloring note: the coloration of this episode seems very very off. Like, washing everyone who graces the screen off.

Henry and Eleanor are so goofy when they realize that Cate is vlogging and that they are actually being a part of the vlog. Henry's reaction to Cate saying that "Canry" is silly is hilarious.

Awkward cut after Eleanor asks about lunch. It wouldn't have been a problem had the conversation clearly not been continuing.


Editing note: I find the re-framing edits to be very annoying. Just set up your shot the way you want it. I bet you can block it so it will all work out. It's giving away the fact that someone else is about the join the vlog. Stop taking away my surprises. While I have an idea as to what is supposed to happen, that doesn't mean that is how you decided to go with it. I still want to enjoy all of the twists and turns.

Why does John care about whether or not Cate has met "The General"? Did he really refer to Cate as his? No. Not okay. And did he actually talk her up? I'm skeptical because I know where this is supposed to end up and that it's all John's fault for the mega conflict that hits at the end. But did he really? I just have a hard time believing he did that.

I want to point out that Cate said "Team Persona" - TEAM PERSONA. It's apparent on John's face that he was thinking something else and I know in the novel he thinks something else. But why not speak up and now? Why wait? I mean, I guess that is how some humans are, but why not ask for clarification when you have the confusion?

Coloration is still on the struggle bus. It all looks majorly yellow. It honestly has a hint of an attempt at taking out color, but the yellow was pushed to 100.

I really don't understand the clear misconception that John has about his relationship with Cate. Maybe that's because I'm on the outside, but I just don't get it.


After these five episodes, my faith in the series is starting to waiver a bit. Production wise, there are some ticks that are easily fixable, but for one reason or another they weren't. They don't give the appearance of being an intentional character thing. They just look like things that could have been caught and fixed if they were reviewed before airing. There are plot choices that I'm just not following. I can kinda see how they fit with the original material, but they're not believable to me. Maybe I'm a little more harsh because I love the original material so much, but I'd like to think that what I am saying is from an objective place and in line with what I have learned about the best storytelling practices. In addition to what I have learned about editing through my work as well as all of the vlog-style series I have watched over the last five years. I'm trying to keep my hopes up, but...they're hopping on the struggle bus.

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