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Fullscreen | Jack and Dean of All Trades

If you have never heard of Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs, then you have no idea what you are about to get yourself in to. Jack and Dean are a well known British comedy duo on YouTube. They are the creators and stars of Jack and Dean of All Trades. We get the opportunity to see Jack and Dean try out different jobs, which doesn't sound all that interesting, but these two find a way to make it entertaining.

It starts off with Jack and Dean working at a bank. Dean quits the job for both of them, which sends them off on their adventure of finding another job. First job they try is a bread baker. Apparently Dean and gluten do not get along well, and not in the way that most people do not get along with gluten thus causing everything to get a little crazy.

This first episode is a regular Jack and Dean video with a bigger story surrounding it. You have Jack trying to be the sensible, logical person and Dean is the "adventurous, but still doesn't add everything up until after the fact" person of the pair - their regular internet personas. I think because they didn't try to create new characters for themselves, that is why this works so well. It's characters the audience already knows and loves, but they are in a new setting that takes more than five minutes to wrap up.

Where would a storyline be if there wasn't a romantic interest? Episode two opens up with Jack "day dreaming" about a girl at the employment office. The different scenarios of what could happen if he talked to her are pretty funny, but Jack decides that what is more important is what job is in store for them for that day. Well...he tries to focus on the job of the day, but he struggles a bit. The musical numbers in this episode were... well I'm not sure what they were. They seemed slightly out of place, which may be why they worked...kinda.

Parents seems to be the theme of episode three. Jack and Dean get the opportunity of babysitting and things don't go as planned when Jack's parents show up earlier than expected. The running gag of this episode seems to be how all babies look the same and that is apparently racist. I'm not entirely sure I understand the joke, but I laughed the first time it was said. The "Job Gun" was funny.

Episode four shows the friendship (of sorts) that has developed between Jack, Dean, and Marv. The whole Dean learning how to use a knife and fork, was slightly funny. May have been dragged on a little longer than necessary. The guy who joins the "knife & fork" lessons is funny.

How do you feel about death? In episode five, Jack and Dean take a plunge into the world of autopsy. Seems a little weird to get a day off by faking death. But that's the route of this storyline.

So I did intend to finish this series. And who knows? Maybe one day I will, but honestly, the further I got in the less interested I was (as you can kinda see based on how thin the paragraphs got as we kept going). I wish that wasn't the case because I do enjoy the content that Jack and Dean produce, but this series just wasn't quite my cup of tea.

Overall? Not bad. I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I thought I would. Go ahead and check it out for yourself. Make your own judgments.

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