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The Very Not Qualified

(I realize the improper nature of my post title, but it only helps prove my point that much more. So bear with me, please.)

So an idea I have had for a few years now is to write a book for young women. Specifically those in the high school age range. I really just want to pass along the things that I have learned through my life, even though I am only twenty-two and still have plenty of lessons to learn. Topics that I have considered writing about for this idea of a book are: self-image, pressure, dating, fear, relationships (yes, it is different than the topic of dating)... I have a few specific pieces I want to write about like "The Strange & Wonderful" - I wrote about it a little bit back in August 2014, but I have more that I'd like to say about it - and "Living for Sundays" - this one is more on finding something that you enjoy and look forward to. I don't want to give too much away as I am still trying to figure it out, but this is not the first time I have tried to figure this out.

What "gets in my way", if you will, is how "not qualified" I feel to write this book. Do I have a lot to say? Absolutely! Is it enough to fill a novel? I have no idea. Will people agree with what I have to say? Chances are - no, but there may be some who might. I don't feel qualified to write a book on these topics because I have never studied them nor have I been in the world "long enough" to have enough experience in the topics. And yet I really want to write this book. Makes so much sense, right?

You see... I have only really had one boyfriend, so where is there enough to talk about dating? I still struggle with seeing myself in a positive light, so how could I write on self-image in a positive light? There are plenty of things that scare me and I still have my moments when fear wins it all, so how could I write on ways to fight it?

A lot of what I have to say comes from the observations I have made through my twenty-two years. Observation is powerful and often overlooked. I think it offers plenty of light to be shed on a variety of topics. I'm just not sure if it is enough to say that I am qualified to write an entire book on these topics.

Maybe all you need is just the motivation to write about whatever it is for there to be "enough" qualification. Or maybe no one is truly qualified as we are all still trying to figure things out. Plenty of people older than I, have made the statement of "I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up". So clearly we are all still trying to figure things out. So maybe a book of things is what needs to be written. I don't know. Maybe I will have enough courage to write all that I have to say or maybe I won't. We shall see. I do want to share what I have to say, but it is a matter of finding a way I want to say it.

Until next time... Kara

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