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The JK Road Trip - Day 5

Day 5 – Athens, GA

Moment of Honesty: The BEST part about today’s stops was that I got to see my best friend from high school while I was in this town!

Avid Bookshop – Bookstore #11 – Nice collection of novels. The guy who was working when we visited was super nice and had a wide knowledge of authors, which lead to excellent suggestions. I really liked that they had a book case labeled “SALE”. What could be better than books on sale? I guess that would be the program they offer. They offer a book subscription program where you can choose for either a period of six months or a full year and they will take your personal preferences into account and send you a book they think you will enjoy. You can find out more on their website (

Hendershot’s Coffee – Coffee Shop #9 – This is place reminded me of Black Bear Coffee Company in the respect that it was more than just a spot for coffee and tea. There is an option of alcoholic beverages. I did not see a menu that mixed the two like Black Bear, but it still mixed the two in a way. For those of us who prefer tea over coffee, they have an entire menu board of their tea selections. I would suggest picking the Jade Cloud tea.

Iron Works Coffee Company – Coffee Shop #10 – This place’s decor was really neat. The barista was helpful and suggested beverages for both tea and coffee drinkers. The Vanilla Chia Latte was excellent! The environment works very well for studying or anything quiet you may want to do (what else are coffee shops for?).

Jackson Street Books – Bookstore #12 – According the man who was sitting at the checkout desk (I’m not sure if he was the owner or not), this bookstore is the oldest one in the state of Georgia. They are working on thirty-one years. This shop has an excellent collection of used books! Something that I had never seen before today was an entire section of the store dedicated to Literary History. Sure you see your history section, but to have the history be specific? That was a bit new and it was interesting to see all of the books. They also had about two or three cases dedicated to collectible paperback books, which the covers on those were neat to see. And what collection of used books isn’t complete without a vast selection of leather bound books? They have an excellent selection. Another thing that I noticed was they they had their collection of Harry Potter locked behind glass doors. I guess you can say that the Harry Potterseries has finally made it in the book world. haha.

As I have stated in all of the other posts about this trip, you can follow my journey in real time by checking out the hashtag #JKRoadTrip on Twitter and Instagram. Tomorrow is the final day though. The final stops will be made tomorrow before this journey comes to an end, because, unfortunately, all journeys must come to an end at some point.

Until next time… Kara

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