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The JK Road Trip - Day 2

DAY 2 – Nashville, TN

We started our day being typical tourists and checked out the Parthenon in Nashville. It was a neat sight, but I am sure the one in Athens is better. I guess you could say it’s like a book-to-movie adaptation (too nerdy? oh well.)

The Well – Coffee Shop #2 – This coffee shop has something that I really like about independent shops. It sends part of the proceeds to build wells in other countries. I think this is one of the coolest things that independent shops do. More so because they typically have posters or something that fully informs you about where all of this is going. They want you to be a part and help out and get excited about this stuff with them. The decor of the place was neat too. My favorite sign they had up read “When in doubt, drink tea”, which is exactly what I drank. I had what they call Foxtrot tea. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a tin of it as well. I will really enjoy this with my new mug that I bought in Franklin.

Rhino Booksellers – Bookstore #2 – Now by looking at the outside, this shop does not look like it will be quite as cool as it is. Just goes to show that you can’t always judge a bookstore by its exterior (or is that a book by its cover?). This was found a door down from The Well. My favorite part of this shop? The ENTIRE bookcase of Arthurian Legend books. Arthurian Legend is one of my favorite things, and to see an entire case of books on this subject was fantastic! There were also a bunch of little nooks packed with books. You never knew what you would find in this mix of used and new.

Parnassus Books – Bookstore #3 – This shop came highly recommended by the ladies of Franklin Tea. This independent shop has what, I think I can safely claim, all book lovers wish to have in their own libraries one day – a book ladder. You know, like what you see in Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. I love how the genres are marked off with chalkboard signs. Something cool that this shop offers is an opportunity to receive or buy SIGNED copies of novels. I bought a signed copy of King Dork by Frank Portman (a novel that has been on my TBR for months now). I love signed copies. They are as much fun to collect as anything else, in my opinion. Something else that this independent place has is a dog to welcome everyone. What could be better than books and dogs?

The Soda Parlor – Neither Coffee Shop nor Bookstore, but totally worth the mention – So I knew about this place because I am a fan of the content that Olan Rogers creates on YouTube. Because I was in Nashville, it only made sense to see this place that I have been seeing online for myself. There was nothing disappointing about this place. Being able to see this place in person was almost as awesome as meeting the guy behind it (because let’s be honest, what could be better than meeting someone whose work I admire?). There is so much nerd going on everywhere. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, so much! I have added another totally awesome shirt to my collection and I cannot wait to wear it! The place is just awesome!

Well now I have to share the story of how the picture of Olan and I came into existence, because it’s a bit funny. So I am a bit awkward (let’s be honest, who isn’t these days?) and while I can talk to people that I admire I am not one for asking for too much of their time. Now… I was the same way at Playlist Live in 2014. I could muster up the guts to say somethings, like how much it is I enjoy their work, but that is about the extend of my guts (great image, I know). Of course I want a picture with these people. Pictures help make memories last longer. I just feel really awkward about asking for them. I know they don’t mind, they say stuff like that all the time in their videos. I know I wouldn’t mind if someone who enjoyed my content asked for a picture or an autograph (you know, things people ask of their favorite YouTubers). But I want to make sure I am respectful of these peoples time, because they are people and deserve respect. So Joanna, apparently, was not aware that I am a huge Olan Rogers fan (I bonded with a camper over this fact) and that this place – The Soda Parlor – was such a big deal (I thought I mentioned it, I promise). After we bought the things we bought, she kept saying to me, “You’re gonna regret it if you don’t”. She was right, I was, but as she put it “your introvert is showing”. I am just not super comfortable asking for pictures with people – ESPECIALLY when they are people I admire immensely. So Joanna asked for me. Olan said “Of course!”. As this photo is being taken, Joanna just adds on “She’s sufficiently uncomfortable” – absolute truth. BUT I was also really happy that this was happening, because now I have these awesome photos that make me laugh and offer a decently amusing story to share with them. Olan is a wonderful human being! Really chill, really cool person (as I have found with most of the people I have met that I admire). I am a sufficiently awkward human being. Maybe one day I’ll find the guts to ask for these things, but today was not that day. Today was another day that I was just awkward.

Just a reminder, you can follow my journey in real time by checking out the hashtag #JKRoadTrip on Twitter and Instagram. Day 2 was a success I think. Lots of adventures and wonderful memories to accompany them!

Until next time… Kara

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