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The JK Road Trip - Day 1

SPRING BREAK IS HERE! Which means adventures are meant to be had, right? Right! Everyone has their own idea of adventure. Last year, I went to Playlist Live – a YouTube convention in Orlando, FL – and this year I am on a road trip through part of the Southeast. The main focuses of this road trip are coffee/tea shops and bookstores. Other things are bound to be found as well, but I am looking for independently owned versions of my favorite places to be. I will be sharing these experiences with y’all as this trip progresses. There will be a small montage on my YouTube channel when it is all over and I have a moment to edit the footage.

DAY 1 – Franklin, TN

The Frothy Monkey – Coffee Shop #1 – I had a Chai Tea Latte. The cinnamon was really strong. I was still tasting it later, even after I had consumed other things. I did enjoy though. The atmosphere was cool. It was what you would expect an independently owned coffee shop to be (this is not your Starbucks, if that is what you want). It did have its little things that made it The Frothy Monkey which was mostly beverages that had monkey in the name.

Landmark Booksellers – Bookstore #1 – This was a small, independent bookstore. It was filled with used and new books (mostly used). One thing that I really liked about this shop was its collection of leather bound books. I found a copy of Pride and Prejudice that I would LOVE to own, but I do not have the cash to buy such a beautiful novel. There were a bunch of other really cool books in the shop. My friend, Joanna (who is on this trip with me) found a really old copy of a Girl Scout Handbook. If I remember correctly it was from the 1920s. How cool is that?!? There were also a bunch of really cool, old covers of classic novels everywhere. So many neat little finds.

Franklin Tea – Tea Store! – This store was an awesome find! I am a huge fan of tea! This store was filled with teas and mugs and tea pots and a bunch of other things that help enhance the tea experience. The women who were working in the shop were wonderful too. They answered any (and all) question we had and even suggested a few places to check out on our trip. I know I am going to enjoy my new tea infusing mug that I bought from them.

So there is a glimpse at Day 1 of the JK Road Trip. You can follow my journey in real time by checking out the hashtag #JKRoadTrip (we’re original, we know. lol) on Twitter and Instagram. By checking that out you’ll see what other little places we found along the way.

Until next time… Kara

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