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A Classic Case of Literary Jealousy

I have a terrible case of literary jealousy. I keep finding all of these wonderful webseries and blogs and stuff that are modernizing pieces of literature – Project Persuasion, Green Gables Fables, Shakes, Jules & Monty… just to name a few. I have enjoyed each one that I have found. And I am highly jealous of all of them. They have had wonderful success and transformed these pieces of literary genius beautifully!

I WANNA DO THAT! I want to make these beautiful things. I want to be a part of such lovely projects. I WANNA DO IT! I apologize for that small, childish outburst. I am certain that you all are thinking “WELL DO IT THEN”. If I want to do this so badly, then maybe I should just do it. Surprise! I’ve been working on something for quite some time. There are just a lot of things to figure out to make it all work out. So I hope that one day I’ll be able to tell you more about it and tell you when it will be released and all of that super fun stuff!

What makes these different series so fascinating to me is the fact that each one I have found is a piece of literature that is considered to be classic. What makes it a classic, though? That is a question that one of my classes is asking with each film we watch. From what I have gathered throughout my education, a classic is something that has themes that transcend through time. The reason why Jane Austen’s novels are still so well loved today is because her novels have relatable themes. Themes that are very applicable to today’s society, even though the situations are not. This is true of anything that is considered “classic”.

As I writer, I hope that one day my writing will be considered as such. Chances are it will most likely not. Simply because there are already so many well established classics. Then again… There may be a possibility. I do not know what the future holds nor what all I will write and potentially publish. Right now it is all a dream. A dream that is presently clouded by some literary jealousy.

Until next time… Kara

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