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Posting Ideas

There are times when I really want to post something I have written because I am super proud of it and want others to see it. Then I start thinking about it a bit more. Because I want to be a published author, I really should be careful about what of my fictional pieces that I post. I don’t want others to steal what I’ve written. I also don’t want the fact that I posted a piece of it, or all of it on a blog to be the reason why it cannot be published. If I’ve written it, it shouldn’t matter if I’ve posted it before. I wrote it. It belongs to me – no one else.

I want to share my ideas and receive feedback on them. I want to know if others will actually want to read the things that I write. I know if I ask my friends they will say they want to read it and that they want signed copies of my books when they get published. While that is sweet of them, I feel like they say it because they are friends of mine. I don’t feel like it has to deal with actual interest in what it is that I am writing about. I’d like to get some strangers opinions on my work. With strangers there is less of a chance of them noticing any influences of my own personal life events. With strangers there is a higher chance of a true and honest opinion of what has been written.

Any thoughts on this?

Until next time… Kara

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