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Welcome to the space where we can piece together your brand and share your amazing story!

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I was given the opportunity to start this company in 2016 when I started as a contractor for North Point Ministries in Alpharetta, GA. Then it was (and still is for all paperwork purposes) imaginationNERD, LLC - built from the brand I have been creating since 2011 when I rebranded my internet presence in college. The only thing I did in 2016 was edit video.

In 2017, I started exploring what it would look like to add photography into the mix. I have always enjoyed photography, but had not considered it as a career opportunity. What turned this company in that direction was capturing my younger brother's baseball seasons. Because of the athletics focus, the name iN Motion Media came about. 

A rebrand felt necessary in 2022 as there has been a lot of carefuly consideration about services that are offered as well as a shift in focus of the company.


The Heart of

iN Sight Creative is here to serve and help you craft a creative brand - whether that is personal or professional. Brand is not limited to companies or Social Media Influencers, and I would love to help you find yours.

Together we can create a wonderful photoshoot to show off your personality and skills, as well as highlight what you have achieved and what you're looking forward to!

The heart of iN Sight is to enable you to not lose sight of what is amazing about your story and to help you share it with the world.

Let's Collaborate!

Let's connect and collaborate on bringing your brand to life!


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