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Little Women | Film

The 2018 adaption of Louisa May Alcott’s well known novel, Little Women is a modern one. We are truly getting to see the story unfold through the eyes of Jo March in a way that helps the audience connect with her best. Similarly to the novel itself.

The film opens up with the March girls acting out one of Jo’s stories, but when the story comes near the end we jump to “present day” Jo presenting her novel to a panel of potential editors — which is where we get to meet Professor Bhaer, or Freddy as he is generally called in this adaptation. The entirety of the story is told with flashbacks being juxtaposed with where we find Jo at the end of Alcott’s novel.

Sarah Davenport’s portrayal of Jo March is amazing! She reminded me of all the reasons why I love the character and even gave me a few more reasons to love her.

With the way the film is set up I believe we get to experience more of Professor Bhaer, which creates a new found respect for the character. And Ian Bohen portrayed the character in such a way that you can’t help but feel at peace and happy for Jo when she comes to terms with how she feels about him.

Another result of how the film is structured is you don’t truly get to experience the other “main” characters to the full extent you get to when you read the novel. But the novel at it’s core is more about Jo’s perspective of her family and how she learns to cherish them.

Even with that said, I’m not sure I was entirely sold on Lucas Grabeel’s performance as Laurie. He was good, don’t get me wrong, but there were certain moments where if felt like they were reminding us that Grabeel was part of High School Musical instead of strengthening the character of Laurie. And because of the lack of character connection, when we see a rather pivotal moment in the novel it doesn’t seem to hold the same amount of weight as one would hope it would. You certainly feel the emotions, but I think that it could have been a stronger moment.

It was kinda cool seeing some familiar online faces in the film. YouTube personality, Stuart Edge plays Brooke, and Madeline Thatcher of The Cate Morland Chronicles plays one of Meg’s “friends”.

The film is worth seeing, specifically if you are a fan of the source material. Even if you’re not, it gives it enough of a modern twist to where it’s even easier to place yourself inside one of the characters or even to just connect to the story in general.

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