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Wonder Woman | Film

I cannot say that I understand when people say that this is the movie that we need right now. Maybe from the angle of it being a female dominated piece (even in the crew arena), because of all of the equality stuff that is going on right now. But just looking at the piece as it is - it really just tells another story of another superhero. It's good and I enjoyed it, but I cannot say that I completely understand the "this is what we need" comments that I see circulating through the internet.

Hopping in to the review... The way that they set up the "flashback" story they were telling, I was on the fence a little about whether or not it set up the story well. It was fine, but at the beginning I didn't feel like it was setting up for a "flashback" type of story - and I knew going into the film that it was set in the past. But visually, I can see how the bookends of the film set up for more interaction with Batman, at the least - potentially set up for Justice League.

Gal Gadot was fantastic as Wonder Woman! And Chris Pine did a great job of being that liaison between the world that Steve Trevor was from and Diana's knowledge and upbringing.

The hiding of Ares... It was clever on the writers and director's part how that was achieved. Not to say I wasn't suspicious or that I was shocked, but it was clever.

I felt that the slow-mo CG moments were not as cool as they could have been. Does that make sense? I think they had the intention of it looking amazing, but in my opinion, they just didn't look as amazing as if it were an actual person during those slow-mo shots. I think I have an idea as to why they were CG instead of real, but it took some of the wow factor away for me.

I think it's definitely worth seeing. The story is crafted well and the experience is enjoyable (even if some people in the theater decide to clap when Diana and Steve finally kiss...).

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