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A 2nd Season & Some Thoughts on 13 Reasons

Apparently it has been confirmed that there will be a second season to the Netflix series based on the Jay Asher novel. With as much distaste and seeming lack of support that I see across social media, I'm curious as to how this news is being received.

My thoughts on it all? Well... I am interested to see how they intend to further the storylines they have created that were not part of the novel's original storyline.

Do I think it's needed? No, not really. I think the series can stand alone just fine, purely because the novel stands alone just fine. Some of the best stand alone work, in my opinion, is the work that creates questions in your mind that inspire you to continue to think and create. Just because the writers left open-ended plot points, does not mean that they were planning on furthering this project. I think when it comes to series, there is always a hope for more than just a season, but not all series get that chance.

Because of how many did not receive the series well (and maybe that's just what came across my social media feeds), it will be interesting to see when the series comes out in 2018 if the same amount of outrage will grace social media again.

This is what the creators of the show wanted. They wanted to create conversation about these topics. We are not obligated to like the methods of how conversation is created, but if it's an important topic and conversations are happening...isn't that something positive in the sea of negative? Just a thought to ponder.

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