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CW Seed | I Ship It

The CW has taken on the series that was inspired by - and created by - Yulin Kuang's short film I Ship It. We get to watch a different set of characters embark on the journey that all begins with the leading lady's broken heart - and it's all surrounded by fandom and nerd rock culture.

Episode 1 Notes

We are introduced to Ella and see that she is down in the dumped dumpster. We get a little montage of the relationship that just ended - much like the first few minutes of Zoe's storyline in the short film - and then we get to meet Tim. Tim is Ella's friend, coworker, and roommate. He is also the guy who get's to be dragged along this wild ride.

I noticed that Ella's ex's last name was Hackett. Is it possible that this ex is related to Zoe's ex, Peter Hackett? Just a thought.

I liked the familiar feel that this episode had. I really enjoyed the short film this series was inspired by, and having a similar but different opening worked well. There is another very familiar scene in this episode, but I think it would fit in the category of *SPOILER* so I won't say it. Just know it's there. The characters are relatable and the actors playing them have great chemistry. The camera work is clean and the audio is excellent!

Episode 2 Notes

This episode is mostly about finding others to be a part of the band that Ella decided needed to be made. Our other two main characters join the story in this episode - Sasha and Denver.

The opening musical number was cute. Both lead characters have nice voices and the number showed some of the inner thoughts of the characters. The scene that follows this ties back to the first episode and shows one of the conflicts that I think will continue to appear until they decide to address it for real.

This is the episode that Daniel Vincent Gordh (Darcy from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) makes a guest appearance in. And the scene is quite entertaining.

The interactions, for the most part, are quite believable. There are some that I think are a bit dramatic, but this is a fictional piece and suspension of disbelief must be executed.

The ending of this episode is very telling of what is presently driving Ella and is well executed.

Episode 3 Notes

Focus of the episode: making a music video.

Tensions between characters build. I'm not all that convinced of the potential relationship that is established in this episode. I feel like it was too easily given to the audience. Taking things back to the short film for a moment - the story was written in a way where you were "shipping" Zoe and Charlie to the very end. Personally, I think half the fun of shipping characters is the tension that makes it look like it's not possible. In this potential relationship that is introduced, it does not appear to have anything other than the "no inner band dating" rule that separates them. So I'm not really sold on the relationship, but I shall see where it all goes.

The music video is fun! The nerdy references are great (even if they don't cover all the same ones that they mention in their song). The chorus of the song is probably one of my new favorite things and will need to find its way on to a poster or canvas or something.

I do feel like the obstacle that was presented at the end could have created slightly more tension between the band than it seemed to.

Episode 4 Notes

What is a better way to conquer stage fright than karaoke? This is what appears is going to be the focus of this episode, but au contrere mon frere, we are focusing on the romantic tensions that are building amongst our couples.

The points that are made about the difficulties of expressing feelings and whether or not said feelings should be expressed are most likely well known. And like our characters, we all choose to ignore these facts we know to be true.

Our first ship name is mentioned in this episode. It's not a super stellar ship name and that is acknowledged - #Tella! (hahaha. no.)

For the record, waffles are an excellent choice for celebration food.

Episode 5 Notes

Ella's ex shows up and it complicates things for her. Apparently colored post its are important. These are some of the things that are covered in this episode.

The demeanor of Ella's ex is different from that of Zoe's ex. So maybe they are meant to be different people, who knows? It's not like he does anything that looks malicious, but because we are lead to care about Ella, (at least for me) we still don't want him near her. She has been making progress and he kind of ruins it just enough for us to dislike him more. And it's also possible that we know how dangerous it could be for those two to spend any amount of time together. I have a feeling about what is to come in the next episode, but maybe I'll be surprised.

Episode 6 Notes

Ella's ex gets into her head more in this episode. Its clear that he is trying to mess with her, probably in hopes that she'll drop out of the battle of the bands. The comment he makes about her being a songwriter is annoying to me. That is not how relationships work, dude.

Because of what her ex said, it pushes Ella to push everyone else and they push back when it comes to band stuff. On the personal level, other tensions are created.

Episode 7 Notes

What could be better than a little "kidnap" therapy? Being reminded why it is that you love to do what you do is super important, and that is exactly what the other band members set out to remind Ella in this episode.

I liked the "magical" transition, the jabs at being in a musical, and the specific show references that were made. It was also nice to see a certain person fully accept their role that they play in all of this.

Episode 8 Notes

This is the episode that we meet the ex's new girl. She's...very flat. There isn't anything that really entices the audience. She is emotionless. Which I guess compliments how full of himself Chris, the ex, is? And it only makes sense that they don't know any other song but the one song that has already been introduced to us.

The Battle of the Bands opening song is cute and funny. Great way to cover some of the biggest fandoms on the internet - Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. I may not have recognized any of the actors that were in the Doctor Who portion of the song, but for LBD we had a guest appearance from Emma Approved's Dayeanne Hutton. For Harry Potter, we had Joey Richter. And for Lord of the Rings, we had LBD's Maxwell Glick.

The song the band plays is a great statement of how far Ella has come in the story arc of her being dumped. It really punctuates that arc.

The ending of this episode definitely answered my question as to why there are more than eight episodes. To me the direction that this episode was taking, it seemed like it could end with this one. But the ending changes everything.

Episode 9 Notes

The acknowledgement of "the end" (of the series) is acknowledged. Our time with these characters is coming to a close. Sasha and Denver start discussions about school what that looks like for them. Ella shares what happened at the end of Episode Eight with the rest of the band and they all take the news differently. Thus leaving one final tension to be resolved for the final episode.

Episode 10 Notes

Exploring the final tension, that is what final episodes are for. The unsolicited advice that Tessa gives Ella is so true and should be plastered everywhere! If you never take time to take care of you, then you will miss out on your life experiences. The breakthrough that Sasha helps Tim make is another thing that many people miss. While the ending of the episode isn't all wrapped up with a bow, it is still enough of an ending that leaves you satisfied with it all.

Overall this series is enjoyable from beginning to end. The humor is well placed and appeals to the nerdy audience that spends "far too much time" on the internet. This is a series for everyone, even if you are not a part of every fandom ever. There is something for everyone here. So head on over to the CW Seed and watch it all!

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