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Netflix: Jessica Jones

Neflix's newest superhero struggles to see herself as a superhero. I think that is what helps make her easily identifyable. The whole angle of doubt is what helps make any character easily identifyable. This series deals with some serious topics. It appears to me that the main story arc is about Jessica dealing with and overcoming her abusive relationship with Kilgrave. The fact that they have qualities that make them more supernatural does not take away from the topic of abuse and rape. If anything these qualities highlight what makes these topics so serious. I don't want to go into too much detail on the chance that it might spoil something, but just trust me when I say that the way that the writers of the show handled these topics very well.

I liked how there wasn't a "let me catch you up on how I became this hero that I am" bit at the beginning of every episode - a trend that is seen more in the superhero shows on TV. If they would have included that, it would not have fit in with how they styled the character of Jessica Jones. Krysten Ritter did an excellet job with this character. She had just the right amount of "I really don't care" that makes you want to continue to find out more about Jessica. One of the things that I really like about her character is how much she struggles with her journey. So many times she reaches the point where an "easy out" is presented and she gets close to taking it, but she always thinks it through. The amount of time she spends on thinking through this choice varies from situation to situation, but the fact that she gets so close to these "I'm done" moments helps make her character that much more identifyable.

David Tennant... It's always interesting to see actors go from a well known and well loved hero type of role to the villian type of role. I think it shows how well he can act. A great actor, in my opinion, is a chameleon of sorts. Tennant is just that, and this performance supports that.

I like the balance that Trish Walker offers Jessica. There is something organic about their relationship that provides that connection for the audience.

The classic Private Investigator touches to the episodes were well placed. It added emphasis to the important parts of character exposition that could have potentially gone unnoticed.

I do recommend this series. I caution you about the potentially touchy topics though. This was not a series that I watched in one day. Yes, there are only thirteen episodes for season one, but with the content I chose to watch it at a slower pace. I encourage you to take time to process what is being talked about. They point out some important things that should not go unnoticed.

Until next time... Kara

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