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Northanger Series

FEBRUARY 2019 - APRIL 2020 

Creator, Writer, Script Supervisor

Co: Producer


Echo of Smoke

DR 430


Writer, Script Supervisor

Writing stories can be a difficult task. There are so many different aspects in to creating the “perfect” story, but the key is to finish a first draft. One of the important parts is compelling characters and sometimes those characters try to take control of their own storyline. A writer faces this struggle as she tries to create the world of King Arthur in a modern setting. All the writer wants is to finish the story she has been dreaming about for months, but this one character puts up more of a fight than expected. Will she finish the story? Will the character get what she wants? Or will all of this become an echo of smoke?


COM 320

APRIL 2014


Everyone has their own personal demons. For Gili, her demons trap her inside a maze when she sleeps. She struggles to find a way to fight the terrors off as everything she has tried has failed. Will she ever get out or will she remain trapped inside?

Eat. Sleep. Swim. Repeat

DR 330 - 10 Shot Short Film

MARCH 2014

CO: Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Star

Boxed In

DR 330 - 20 Shot Short Film

APRIL 2014

CO: Writer and Producer

Director and Editor

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